Introduction of Manza Onsen

Panorama of Manza Onsen

Manza Onsen is 1,800 meters above the sea. It's an alpine hot spring village in Joshinetsu highland national park surrounded by fresh green. The hot springs are acidic sulfur ones, and the high temperature is about 80 degrees. The hot springs gush out hot water of 5,400,000 liters a day. And people enjoy every season; the remaining snow and fresh green leaves in spring, summering in summer, colored leaves in fall and skiing in winter.

■ About hot water

The hot water of Manza Onsen is acidic sulfur one. And it gushes out hot water of 5,400,000 liters a day. Manza Onsen has been blessed with rich quantity of hot spring.
It has 27 kinds of qualities. It has been said that Manza Onsen is the one of the best hot springs in Japan. The effects have a lot. They have been said that the hot springs are good for respiratory diseases, gastroenteric disorders, rheumatism and skin diseases. There are a lot of interesting stories that patients overcame intractable diseases. The hot springs are popular for ladies because of the effect of beauty skin. The sources have Ubayu(Yubatake), Ookuyu, Suzuyu, Tetsuyu, Kuyu, Radium kitakusen, Houseinoyu. People enjoy several of hot springs.

Source of Manza Onsen